Thomas Edison State College


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The Thomas Edison State College degree, allows students to continue learning in the Beis HaMedrash while earning college credits that will count towards their degree.

Here is some information about Thomas Edison State College (TESC) in brief.

The degree is awarded by Thomas Edison State College ( Trenton, New Jersey, one of the leading providers of non-traditional college learning in the USA and internationally.

TESC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and therefore the degrees it awards are recognised by the UK National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) as being equivalent to a UK BA and the council for higher education in the USA

For the TESC BA degree 120 credits need to be earned: 70 - 90 of the credits can be gained from the Judaic Studies coursework of Maalot Whitefield. These courses are recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and can be applied towards a Thomas Edison State College Degree. The time taken will depend on the previous qualifications of the student; an average time is 2 years.

The remainder of the 120 credits can be earned either by receiving credits for previous academic studies e.g. A or AS levels and/or by taking exams in secular subjects. These exams are offered by CLEP, TECEP, DANTES or NYU and administered on the Maalot Whitefield campus.

Most students will be awarded a degree in humanities, natural sciences or social sciences.  This degree can be used to progress on to a masters programme at a British university 

The Maalot system of earning an American undergraduate degree through TESC and using credits from Judaic studies has operated for 18 years through Neve Yerushalayim Institutions in Jerusalem and its worldwide branches. In this programme, Maalot Whitefield is also working as a branch of Neve."